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Four Levels of Damage

Cuticular Damage
Loss of Moisture
Loss of Protein
Loss of Elasticity

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Going from light to dark, or dark to light, and the perils within.

When you’re ready for a change you’re ready for it!  You’ve been thinking about it, kicking the idea around of doing a drastic change, so that by the time you are in the styling chair you want to see what you’ve been envisioning.

That is exciting, and I LOVE providing people with drastic changes when they are ready for them.  What is difficult to me is that if you’ve been white blonde before, you decided to go dark over the winter, then come in and want to be back to your white blonde, it’s going to take some time.  Not everyone understands that.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  Here is our mantra again!  BEAUTIFUL HAIR IS HEALTHY HAIR.  No one who has grossly damaged hair has pretty hair.  Healthy hair holds its color it has shine and is lovely from far off and up close.

WHY THE PROCESS:  There is an underlying pigment to hair color.  The darker the color, the warmer the underlying pigment is.  Black hair has the underlying pigment of violet.  Medium brown hair has the underlying pigment of red.

*     *     *

Going Light:  You first lift to a red color, then a copper brassy color, then it will lift to a banana yellow color, before getting to the summer white blonde you came in dreaming of.

That is a whole lot of lifting, and most likely if you’d been doing highlights previous to going dark then your hair is still damaged from those previous foils.

That is why.  Here we refuse to destroy someones hair if at all avoidable.  To go from dark to light in a healthy happy manner can take two to three visits.
THE WARNING:  You’ve been excited, telling all your friends, you sat down and you heard that it would take a while, but you may be sad that is more of a lighter brown or a dark blonde then yours goal was.

That is in some cases the only option though unless you want your hair on the floor instead of your head.  Which I know is NOT what you’re going for.
*    *    *

Going Dark:  The same colors that you took out when you highlighted your hair, have to go back in your hair if the color is going to last at all.  So even if you HATE warmth in your color, you have to add a little of that red in or it will be gone by the end of the week, it’s a necessary evil.Even adding this in you most likely will still get some fadage.

Considering that, this can take two or three times to get it to last.  Your cuticle is wide open from your years of highlighting, so those color molecules float right on out, until you’ve packed so many in, and given it enough healthy hair treatments, that it can hold.

MORAL:  When you are going for a drastic change, be patient, for your hairs sake if nothing else! You’ll be so happy you did.

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