Trim your hair and it will grow faster and thicker is an old wives tale I’m sure we’ve all heard.  Is it true?

The ends of your hair have nothing to do with the roots of your hair.  Since the roots is where all your growth comes from, this obviously this can’t be true.

Where in the world did this well known “fact” come from then?

When it comes to growing your hair you should trim it.  Not because the trim makes your hair grow but because it keeps your ends healthy.  Without trims you develop split ends.  Everyone does regardless of how well you take care of your hair.  The problem with split ends is that they don’t just stay at your ends.  Without trimming them, and with enough time those splits spread further and further up your hair.  That takes your next cut from 1/4 of an inch trim to 2 inches of nasty hair needing cut off undoing all your hard work of letting it grow.  So in that way trimming it DOES help your hair grow.

Also with growing your hair out from short to long you need to keep it trimmed so you can keep it in a style.  That way you don’t wake up one morning panic and chop it all off because it hasn’t laid right in 2 months (based on you not getting your hair cut in 6 months)!   I digress I’ll blog about the process of growing your hair out with style later one….

Does a trim make your hair thicker?  Its often with children that their hair seems thicker after their first cut.  When really they’ve spent however long growing their hair, it has so many different lengths in it that cutting it to all one length gets rid of the stragglers.  The same with hair that has gone too long without a cut and has three inches of split ends.  Cutting the thin (thin because of all the splits) straggly ends off does make your hair look thicker.  Even though it doesn’t actually make a difference in how much hair you have.  Again the ends of your hair don’t effect the roots of your hair.

The number one reason to trim your hair and our mantra in business is HEALTHY HAIR IS PRETTY HAIR.  You want beautiful long hair?  Trim it.  No one thinks ratty ends are pretty.  Keeping it healthy keeps it pretty!

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Super zoom on strand of hair with split ends.

Super zoom on strand of hair with split ends.