The biggest trouble with dry ends?  Is that they aren’t healthy happy ends, which means they aren’t pretty.  You know thats true.  Healthy hair is pretty hair.  But if you naturally have oily hair regardless of your dry ends I bet your roots can get really oily.  That doesn’t mean you can avoid conditioning.  Here are some tricks to help your locks be more luscious!

1)     When shampooing your hair, focus on your roots (unless you’ve just finished a mudrun, in which case shampoo ALL of your gross muddy hair you rock star you).  Once you’ve scrubbed your roots, allow the water to rinse the shampoo over the rest of your hair.  It will rinse your hair clean without anything making a deep enough impact to make your ends unhappy.  (Also make sure you are using the right shampoo, many shampoos can create their own build up instead of cleansing your locks)

2)     Condition your hair.  I know I know oily roots blah blah, you still have to condition.  First apply the conditioner to your ends, let it soak in while you lather up, shave whatever.  Then apply the conditioner to all of your hair, root to already saturated ends.  Let it sit for a moment before rinsing it all out.  Anytime you use a deep conditioner apply it only to your mid-shaft and ends.

3)     Apply a leave in conditioner or Dikson ArgaBeta Oil (part argon oil part keratin) to your mid-shaft and ends definitely not your roots and leave it on.
 4)     Also the option of using a dry shampoo.  The ingredients in dry shampoo (and baby powder) soak up oil and dirt on the scalp. When your hair appears greasy, usually just the roots that need to be refreshed. Applying a dry shampoo effectively soaks up any oil and dirt, leaving your hair looking refreshed and clean.  Buying you extra time between shampoos.
5)     Get regular trims.  Even if you’re trying to grow your hair out make sure to get your ends snipped to keep any dry split ends from getting worse.