Summer time humidity!

How it happens: Curly, coarse, and chemically treated hair is often moisture deprived, so the cuticles on each strand are raised, making the hair more porous. This type of hair absorbs moisture from the air, which makes the hair shafts swell up. The result: big, unwieldy hair.

To prevent it next time: Get the right cut and the right products.  Even just a trim helps to keep your ends healthy and happy which adds to controllable summer time hair!
We have a lot of humidity resistant products to help combat the hot humid weather of Chattanooga summers!

*Keep hair hydrated. Use a good conditioning treatment to seal cuticles so hair can’t absorb moisture.  Apply from roots to ends, leave in for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse well.  Unless you are using the super amazing ArgaBeta Oil, then you want to leave it in your hair until your next shower!  Details below*
Dikson ArgaBeta Oil
(an intense beauty treatment for all hair types that contains Argan Oil and Beta Carotene.  Non-greasy, it absorbs immediately and does not leave residue, ensuring deep hydration and leaving your hair feeling silky with incredibly shiny highlights.)
This is the entire amazing ArgaBeta Oil line, for all hair types and situations.