• The prices listed are starting prices
  • We require a 24-hour cancellation notice
  • Exact prices vary by stylist
  • Our stylist’s night and weekend appointments generally book out 3-6 weeks ahead.



Clipper Cut: Short styles requiring minimal scissor cutting & blow-dry styling… beginning at $30

45-60 Minute Cut: The most requested cut! Styles from ear to collar bone length, created primarily with shears or razors, that require approximately 15 minutes to professionally blow dry style… beginning at $55

75 Minute Cut: For longer lengths or especially thick hair- more hair requires more attention, products, & styling time. If your hair typically requires more than 15 minutes for a stylist to achieve a blow-dry style, a 75 minute haircut allows enough time to enjoy your scalp massage & blowout… beginning at $68


Note: We always recommend bringing in pictures of both what you like as well as a couple of what you don’t like. Why?  For instance the color “chestnut” brings different things to mind to different people, a picture helps us all be on the same page!  This also allows us to make the best recommendation of all the color options available.

Cover my gray!: When your only concern is covering grays …. beginning at $65

One All Over Color: This is when you want one color covering all your hair, no highlighting or balayage… beginning at $95

Mini Highlight: A few strategically placed foils around the hairline or part. A mini highlight is an easy way to add just a touch of brightness to existing color or to blend outgrowth between highlight appointments… beginning at $54

Global Highlight: From subtly sun-kissed to high contrast drama, multidimensional color is created using a variety of foil techniques… beginning at $92

Mini Balayage: Freehand highlights that frame the face. Perfect for those new to balayage or someone wanting a subtle change… beginning at $64

Global Balayage: Hand-painted technique used to create “lived-in: a highlight from subtle to bold for a look that grows out without a soft line…. beginning at $126

Fantasy Color: We do offer a wide variety of fantasy colors, call to book your consultation today!


Blowout: Includes shampoo, blowdry, and style…beginning at $40

Updos: We offer special event styling including prom and wedding hair…beginning at $75

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