• The prices listed are starting prices
  • New clients are required to book a consultations for all chemical and extension services prior to booking
  • We require a 24-hour cancellation notice
  • Exact prices vary by stylist
  • Our stylist’s night and weekend appointments generally book out 3-6 weeks ahead.


Barbered Cuts: Short barbered cuts that requiring minimal scissor cutting & no blow-dry styling…beginning at $30

Short Detailed Cut: Styles from pixie to top of the shoulder cuts – created primarily with shears or razors…beginning at $55

Short Detailed Shampoo, Cut, and Style: Styles from pixie to top of the shoulder cuts, created
primarily with shears or razors includes blow-dry styling… beginning at $55

Medium or Long Dry Cut: For longer lengths or especially thick hair – more hair requires more attention, products, & styling time…beginning at $65

Medium or Long Shampoo, Cut, and Style: For longer lengths or especially thick hair- more
hair requires more attention, products, & styling time… beginning at $65

Curly Hair Cut: Your curls are as unique as you are. Schedule a consultation with our curl specialist to learn more.

If you feel your hair is exceptionally long and thick, or that you would like to have extra consultation time at the beginning or styling training at the end please give us a call to book!


Extension consultation: For all new clients wanting to book an extension service …beginning at


Our team has a variety of stylists that specialize in color correction, single process color, toners, highlights, balayage, foliage, and more. Hair comes in a variety of textures, porosity, length and density. Considering this, we require new client consultations for all chemical and extension services prior to booking so that we can learn about your goals and discuss your budget. Consultations are scheduled for 15 minutes so please do not be late. If you feel you need more than the traditional 15 minute consultation please give us a call.

We always recommend bringing in pictures both of what you like as well as a couple of what you don’t like to your consultation. Why? As an example, the color “chestnut” brings different things to mind to different people and a picture helps us all be on the same page!  This also allows us to make the best recommendation of all the color options available.

Consultation: If you are a new client wanting to book a chemical service or for extensions please select this option!…beginning at $15

If you have visited us before and want to schedule your next appointment consider the options below. Not sure which to pick? Feel free to give us a call and we will help guide you.

Cover my gray!: When your only concern is covering grays….beginning at $65

One All Over Color: This is when you want one color covering all your hair, no highlighting or balayage…beginning at $95

Maintenance Appointment: A few strategically placed foils around the hairline or part. A maintenance color appointment is an easy way to add just a touch of brightness to existing color or to blend outgrowth between global color appointments…beginning at $75

Global Color: From subtly sun-kissed to high contrast drama – multidimensional color is created using a variety of techniques…beginning at $125

Fantasy Color: We offer a wide variety of fantasy colors. Call to book your consultation today!


Blowout: Includes shampoo, blowdry, and style…beginning at $40

Updos: We offer special event styling including prom and wedding hair…beginning at $75

Schedule your next hair service online for more accurate and quicker appointments.