Professional Hair Color

Note: We always recommend bringing in pictures of both what you like as well as a couple of what you don’t like. Why?  For instance the color “chestnut” brings different things to mind to different people, a picture helps us all be on the same page!  This also allows us to make the best recommendation of all the color options available.


Spotlight starts at $54  10-12 foils along your part and framing the face. This is perfect to do in between more elaborate foil services.

Halo starting at $72  covers a little more hair. Going along your part and around your face. This is great for soft changes, first timers, or someone who has a little more variation in their part.

Partial foil starting at $92   everything from the ears up. This has your roots covered for a variety of styling options and can get you a more dramatic effect.

Full starting at $112  best used if you wear your hair up. Also for a dramatic color difference.


Balayage – Who doesn’t want to look naturally beautiful? We all do. So does our hair. Balayage is a French technique that has been around for a very long time. Thankfully popular demand has brought it back. This technique creates natural-looking highlights that can be as to be as subtle or as intense as you desire. Plus this isn’t only for blondes, it can be applied to brunettes and red hair as well. The options below are only your most basic options. There is a HUGE variety of options with all color services especially balayage so make sure you bring in pictures.

The Sharron starts at $64 very soft light face framing highlights like you’ve been at the pool all weekend, great for just getting started or to maintain you in between more elaborate color services.

The Heather starts at $76 still face framing but with just a little more pop.

The Patrice start at $106 this will make a more noticeable difference, covering more hair this will seem more like you have been at the beach for a few weeks.

The Felecia starts at $126 this is your most dramatic balayage option.


Men’s Color:

Camo Color: starts at $40

Full Color starts at $45

Highlights start at $45


Basic Women’s Color

Root color starts at $65

All over color starts at $95


Fantasy Colors

We do offer fantasy colors of a wide variety.  Call for a consultation and quote!

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