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Since our mantra is healthy hair is pretty hair how do you get LONG hair that is healthy and happy?


Have you ever been out and saw a person with long hair that was made up of all split ends? Spread throughout all their hair not just the ends? That is why regular trims are important. Stop thos


e splits before they spread!

Another important way is conditioning treatments! Even if you have hair that tends to be a little greasy (which in the hot humid summer who doesn’t?) giving your ends a treatment makes a world of difference.

Think about this, hair grows on average 1/2 an inch a month. So if your hair is 16 inches long then those ends have been with you for the past two years! There are TV shows that don’t last that long! So you must show love to your precious locks. Go to your salon for a protein or moisture treatment. One take home conditioning mask we love here is Dikson Argabeta Collagen Maschera. It contains all the magical things to make your hair happy including collagen, argan oil, camellia oil and vitamin e.

Maybe your hair is extremely fine and you don’t want to let it be weighed down by heavy conditioners. A leave in conditioner will be of wonderful help. An in salon treatment would be of major benefit because they can customize a treatment for what you need. If you have a weekend at home that you’re going to be staying in and vegging out thats the perfect time to do a good at home mask. Your hair will benefit and no one will ever know it was flat all weekend!

Just remember you want gorgeous flowing locks not sad frazzled fuzz and we’re here to help!