ec·o-chic (ˈekōˌSHēk,ˈēkō-)


  1. Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style
  2. Both “green” and stylish
  3. A combination of trendiness and environment


Our city. Your hair. Creating from the roots out.
The Strand Salon opened November 2013. We are full of love for Chattanooga and belief that you can be planet friendly while being pampered. For us being green and giving back goes beyond energy efficient light bulbs and being paperless. It means supporting our fellow local businesses. It means giving you the option to use products that have fewer chemicals and are better for the environment. It also means continuing to find more ways for us to do our part to improve and make our city and our planet better for all of us.


How we’re green:


Green by applying the 3 Rs in Our Business: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


  • All of our stations are refurbished 1940s and 1950s dressers.
  • The majority of our seating, displays, and coat hooks are all repurposed and or reused.
  • Use energy efficient lighting.
  • Use post consumer recycled products.
  • We donate hair clipping via
  • Recycle paper, magazines, shipping supplies, cardboard, glass and plastics.
  • Serve beverages in real cups and glassware to cut back on waste.
  • Mop up messes with cloth towels instead of paper towels.
  • HE washer and dryer.
  • Send email marketing which uses less paper than letters and postcards.
  • Computer booking instead of using paper calendars for our schedules.
  • Turn off electronic devices when not in use.
  • Use natural products whenever possible.
  • Offer a large selection of eco friendly and sulfate free products.
  • Use low and non-ammoniated products.
  • We sell scarfs for Purple Scarf Project
  • Serve local Rembrant’s coffee.
  • Our decor is a gallery for local artists. Everything is for sale and supports their talents.
  • Magazines for our clients are either brought in from personal use of clients and stylists or purchased via a local school fundraiser.
  • Regularly donate gently used products to our local women’s shelter Room in the Inn.
  • Complimentary cuts and styles for families at Room in the Inn.
  • Yearly cut-a-thon where proceeds go to a fabulous local non profit organization.
  • Regular donations to various fund raisers for good causes.

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